Dosage - Exercise is medicine

Movement for a specific result requires knowledge of all parameters of the dosing exercise. The traditional concept of training that is still applied to specific resistance levels addresses endurance, strength, and power. What separates physical therapy rehabilitation from athletic training, Pilates, Yoga and a gym is the ability to train for specific tissue pathologies and deficiencies. The concept of mechanotherapy explains the dosing exercises in regards to influencing the repair of bone, collagen and cartilage are fundamental to the STEP / MET programs. What is the dose to influence local circulation? Instead of using modalities to influence circulation, learn how to dose exercise to increase local circulation to resolve muscle protection and enhance angiogenesis to enhance tonic muscle endurance.

Exercise Design

Controlling where the forces go with training is essential to mobilize the joints, protect the contraindications and activate specific muscles. Exercise that duplicates arthrokinematic joint movement to train elasticity, plasticity, and lubrication can help restore ROM and coordination.

Exercise Progression

The STEP method allows you to return to sport-specific exercise progressively and safely to begin reathletization and prevent future injuries.

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