Diathermy is a non-invasive treatment technique that consists of the transfer of high-frequency current into the body, causing the displacement of charges in the tissues and the friction of these generates an internal heating of the tissue, being able to act on circulation, muscles, ligaments, joints and nerves.

There are two modalities

Diathermy uses conversion as a method of heat transfer. It is one of the treatments that are used from physiotherapy. There are two types of diathermy: capacitive or resistive:

Capacitive Diathermy

Capacitive diathermy is used to heat the most superficial tissues. At present this type of diathermy has become popular as tecar therapy or contact hyperthermia.

Resistive Diathermy

On the other hand, there is the resistive diathermy that treats the deeper tissues from the inside. In addition, it has many application possibilities that will depend on the parameters we use when we apply it. The waves produced have various physiological effects:

Therapy Benefits

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