Rehabilitación Traumatológica,
Reumatológica & Post-quirúrgica

Traumatological, Rheumatological, Post-surgical Rehabilitation

The objective is to rehabilitate people with temporary or permanent disabilities after trauma, surgeries or rheumatic disease.

Medical rehabilitation is a continuous and coordinated process aimed at obtaining the maximum restoration of the disabled person in the functional, physical, mental, educational, social, professional and occupational aspects, with the aim of reintegrating them as a productive member of the community.

What is it based on?

The specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation focuses this as her action on the diagnosis, evaluation, prevention and treatment of disability, activities to facilitate, maintain or return the highest degree of functional capacity and independence possible. It is a comprehensive, holistic and interdisciplinary care model. For its development, the teamwork of different health professionals (rehabilitation doctor, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist) is essential with a common goal: functional re-education and readjustment of the patient to their environment. Rheumatic diseases are responsible for numerous lesions in the locomotor system that generate functional deficits that can be assessed and improved. The purpose of rehabilitation is to treat the consequences of the disease and prevent functional decline.

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